Pragmatic and focused on the desired outcome, I bring a wealth of experience to bear as I help clients leverage their strengths as they expedite their chosen change. As you reach for the opportunities and possibilities in front of you, I'd like to be your partner in change.

Do you want ...

  • Your senior leadership group to function as a strong, aligned team that leads the way for your organization?
  • Executives in your organization to be the best leaders they can be?
  • Your employees to join you in imagining a new future and then making it happen?
  • Departments and units in your organization to work together to achieve greater results?
  • New leaders and teams to get off to a strong start?
  • Your internal staff consultants to add great value to your organization change and development efforts?

If these outcomes look attractive to you, I want to help you achieve them. I want to work with you and your organization to:

  1. Envision your future.
  2. Clarify and understand your current state.
  3. Build an actionable plan of how to get there.

"Pat is a 'change pro' and highly regarded in our field."

- William Bridges, author of Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes and Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change