how i work

Let's look at the four steps that ensure successful change as we involve all key players in the following:

  1. Create. We create a vision of the future that is attractive to all.
  2. Assess. We assess the current state and develop a clearly articulated case for the change.
  3. Build. We build a change plan to move from here to there, with doable steps for everyone involved.
  4. Adjust. We work through the change together. I advise you and we make adjustments as needed.

Experience tells me that change works best when existing strengths are leveraged to produce new desired results and outcomes. Therefore, I look for strengths as I work with my clients and I actively seek out opportunities to put these innate abilities and resources to work in the service of change.

"Pat Newmann is among the elite practitioners of organization change and leadership development."

- Jim Kouzes, top leadership educator and speaker and coauthor of award-winning and best-selling books on leadership, including The Leadership Challenge