Pat Newmann has over 25 years of highly successful experience helping individuals, work teams and organizations achieve maximum effectiveness. Her consulting practice has taken her throughout the world to assist organizations in becoming places where employees learn, grow and enjoy themselves as they perform - in an inspired way - in support of visions, goals and daily practices they have had a hand in shaping.

She assists organizations, leaders, and teams to design and implement change, including clarifying direction and values, shaping leadership practices, and developing strategies and processes for implementing the desired changes. Her expertise includes designing and facilitating these organization redesign and change processes:

  1. Developing leadership and professional effectiveness skills through coaching and training.
  2. Facilitating executive teamwork.
  3. Building teams and teamwork within and across organizational units.
  4. Designing and facilitating key meetings and conferences, on-site and off-site.
  5. Creating leadership and employee development strategies, programs, processes and tools.
  6. Equipping individual employees with resiliency tools that assist them to self-manage through change.